What is stihl extendable pole saw

What kind of pole saw does Stihl use?

Power through your workday! When overgrown branches loom overhead, reach for the power and versatility of STIHL professional pole pruners. They feature the same German-engineered technology found in our chainsaws, giving you confidence in every cut.

What is the workshop manual for a Stihl pole Pruner?

The manual contains clear diagrams and information to assist in the workshop repair of this pole pruner. The Stihl HT101 pole pruner is powered by STIHL’s revolutionary 4-MIX engine technology, the HT 101 can reach branches up to approx 5m off the ground thanks to its extendable shaft.

Can a pole saw be used as an extension of a saw?

A pole saw is an extension for whatever type of saw that you need for the job. However, that’s not to say that pole saws are simply extensions for existing saws. They are their own inclusive unit. In this guide, we will be taking a look at the various types of pole saws out there as well as some of the best pole saws on the market.

Can a cordless pole saw be used with a chainsaw?

But there’s an easy solution to help you get your branches cut before they fall down on their own.A cordless pole saw is a simple tool equipped with a chainsaw, allowing the user to cut off tree limbs while standing on the ground at a safe distance away from the saw chains.


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