What is stihl kombi pole saw

How much does a Stihl kombimotor pole saw cost?

However, once you have your KombiMotor ($199.95 to $399.95) and a couple starter implements you can then pick and choose what tool you need next based on your budget at relativity affordable pricing. The pole saw will run you $199.95, a string trimmer is $89.95 and an angling hedger is $249.95.

What are the attachments for the Stihl Kombi pole Pruner?

This STIHL KombiSystem attachment features a side-access chain tensioner for easy chain adjustments. The oil tank cap features a retainer, so it stays put during refilling. The HT-KM attachment comes with a 12” bar and chain.

What kind of power tools does Stihl have?

About STIHL. These products include; chainsaws, cordless chainsaws, grass trimmer and strimmers, brush cutters, hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, jet washers and more. Our products are perfect for professional, commercial and domestic use, no matter your experience with power tools we have the right product for you.

What makes a Stihl kombisystem a good tool?

The handle is large enough to accommodate a gloved hand comfortably. Quick-Release Coupling: The quick-release coupling system makes it easy to switch between Kombi attachments. In addition, this feature allows KombiSystem equipment to be dismantled into two parts for easy transport and storage and then re-assembled quickly without tools.


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