What is stihl pole saw ht133

Why is the Stihl HT 133 telescoping pole Pruner?

Its gearbox reduces weight at the cutting attachment compared to the previous model to provide easier handling and less fatigue. A powerful fuel-efficient, low-emission engine makes the HT 133 the ultimate choice for heavy tree maintenance tasks.

Is the HT 103 pole saw a good saw?

The HT 103 in not a comparable saw. It is light weight but the saw attachment is very cheap. It is all plastic and will not stand the test of time. When you extend the pole the head vibrates for about 10 seconds before it smooths out. The hook that is used for pulling branches is virtually useless.

How much does a Stihl pole saw cost?

Set Descending Direction Stihl HT-KM Pole Pruner Attachment (4182 200 0158) $199.99 Echo PPF-225 Power Pole Pruners. $399.99 Stihl HTA 85 Lithium-ion Pole Pruner. $499.99 Echo PPT-2620 Power Pole Pruners. $599.99 Stihl HT 103 Pole Pruner. $599.99 Stihl HT 131 Telescoping Pole Pruner. $649.99

Which is better HT 103 or Stihl 133?

Plus, with its squared shaft, users can prune high branches with ease and precision while the large fuel tank allows for 30% longer run times than the previous model. The HT 133 is packed with all the features of the HT 103, but with 35% more power for tough pruning and trimming jobs. Are You Ready for a STIHL?


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