What is table saw and miter saw workbench

How big should my workbench be for a miter saw?

Jigsaw for making the finish cuts on the cut-out spaces in the table Level, clamps, square, etc. I built mine at 6 x 3'. you could go bigger if you want more work space surrounding the table saw, but I was more concerned with mobility since I'll be pushing it outside whenever I use it.

Can a table saw be used as a workbench?

Since the miter saw shelf is just held in place by the stop blocks you attached in Step 11, you can use that same piece of particle board (or plywood) to fill in the tabletop when you need the full workbench. Move the shelf up to the top of the workbench when you need a full out-feed table:

Can a table saw be used as a miter saw?

Yes, table saws can do the same cuts that miter saws can. However, if you use a table saw to try and make precision cuts, then the chances of making a mistake go up drastically. Likewise, using a table saw to make a precise compound cut is going to take a lot longer.

What kind of tool is a table saw?

For those who are not, a table saw is a flat table with a saw blade built into it, which allows you to make a variety of cuts. It is important not to get confused here; it is tempting to refer to everything as a “table saw,” but a table saw is a specific tool.


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