What is table saw blade kerf

Do you need a thin kerf blade for a table saw?

You should expect your thin-kerf blades to cut a nickel-thin kerf. But, the experts agree that we should also consider thin-kerf blades to be excellent choices for heavier-duty saws, too.

What kind of steel is a kerf saw made out of?

Like all of our premium quality saw blades, these thick-kerf blades are made from a special German cold-rolled steel and durable C4 micro-grain carbide tips for long service life and multiple sharpening. They are designed to deliver smooth and fray-free cuts even in the most demanding material.

Where is the scoring blade on a kerf?

A scoring blade is a small blade located in front of the main blade. It cuts a kerf slightly wider than the main blade and is installed so the teeth point backwards and it counter-rotates, or turns the opposite way. It is set very low, just low enough to nick, or score, the bottom surface of the material being cut.

What's the difference between a standard kerf and a thin kerf?

Recently, Forrest sent me a thin kerf version of their workhorse combination blade, the Woodworker II. The standard WWII has 1/8" thick teeth, while the new thin kerf WWII has 3/32" teeth. The result is that a thin kerf blade will give you a 25% narrower kerf than a standard blade.


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