What is table saw rpm

What should the blade rpm be on a table saw?

For benchtop and jobsite saws with direct drive motors, the motor RPM is the blade RPM. If you’re considering a contractor or cabinet saw, it’s a different story. In any event, professional table saw blade speeds generally fall between 4000–5000 RPM. Don’t let numbers on the lower side dissuade you.

What's the best speed for a table saw?

First of all, let’s have a look at some specs. Outfitted with a capable high-torque 15 amp, this table saw offers you up to 3,850 RPM of speed, which is ideal for small to medium-fine woodworking projects. Accuracy and smoothness of operation are ensured thanks to the sharp and efficient 24 TPI carbide blade.

What's the speed of a Unisaw table saw?

Current Unisaws run at 4000 rpm (I believe Jet and PM66's are about the same), and the older ones (with the 1 hp 1800 rpm "bullet" motors) ran at about 3150 rpm.

What should the blade speed of a delta table saw be?

According to the current Delta catalog, the TS300 10" direct-drive saw (with universal motor) runs at 5500 rpm (that's probably a no-load speed, but that's just a guess), and the belt-driven contractor saws run at 3000 rpm. To make things more confusing, their RT-40 14"/16" cabinet saw with 7.5 hp motor runs at either 3000 or 4500 rpm.

Table Saw RPMs – HomeOwnersHub

Table Saw RPMs … that a blade speed around 3800 RPM gives plenty of power for cutting thick hardwoods, but also gives a much smoother cut on sheet goods …


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