What is table saw sleds

What makes a table saw crosscut sled so good?

The lightweight sled design makes cutting large workpieces on the table saw a snap. The rock-solid fence ensures square cuts every time — with easy to adjust controls to make setup quick and simple.

What does the 5 cut table saw sled test show?

The 5-Cut testprocedure is a simple way to see how square the fence on your table saw sled is to the miter slot. I know some think this test shows how square the fence is to the blade itself but it doesn't. The miter slot is the only consistent controlling factor.

Are there different brands of table saw sleds?

Table saw sleds have become extremely popular these days. As a result, they are manufactured by different brands. You will see all kinds of them available on the market. Certain features and characteristics make them stand apart from each other, even though they are the same tool.

How big does a table saw sled need to be?

The maximum size piece you can use depends on the area in front of your blade. Put your sled on the saw and measure from the fence to the blade (where it breaks through the thickness of wood being used) to get the size you can use. Of course we need a sled.


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