What is telescopic tree saw

What kind of pole saw do you need to trim trees?

Trimming can be made easy by the use of the best electric pole saws. You need to acquire a machine that will best fit the job you intend to do. The BLACK+DECKER LPP120 Cordless Pole Chain Saw has an extended pole that makes it easy to reach further branches. It packs enough power for proper trimming.

How big is a telescoping pole saw blade?

This saw’s telescoping pole extends from 7ft out to 10ft, with the added reach of the saw blade on top. Its battery runs for about 40 minutes at a time, and it comes with a quick-charger and a shoulder strap to relieve pressure on your hands while you’re working.

Can a hand saw be used to cut a tree?

After all, those teeth are sharp, and you don't want the blade coming off the head and cracking your skull open. The pole also has to be strong enough when extended to withstand vigorous too and fro. The thought of screwing/nailing/duct taping a hand saw to a long piece of wood did occur to me ... but ...

Can a pole saw be used as a hydraulic tool?

Every professional arborist has a manual pole saw; you can bet on that. Depending on the model, the pole saw might have clippers on end as well, which can be used to make quick cuts on smaller limbs. Hydraulic tools are common for more heavy-duty applications, and the same is true for pole saws.


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