What is the bandsaw shop

What can you do with a bandsaw in a workshop?

One of the critical tools you must consider when setting up a workshop or a creative studio is a bandsaw. For most people, the perfect definition of a bandsaw is a scaled-down sawmill. Therefore, you can do many artistic things with a bandsaw compared to other tools in a workshop.

What are the safety guidelines for a band saw?

Band Saw Training Guide Page 3 of 5 SAFETY GUIDELINES FOR OPERATING A BAND SAW: Always use safety goggles Never place hands near active blade. Instead, user should use a piece of scrap wood to push stock through when it reaches end of the material Never wear gloves near the blade Wear ear plugs when cutting metal or plastic

What kind of blades do you need for a bandsaw?

We make bandsaw blades for all popular bandsaws. Whether you need to cut wood, metal, meat and fish, or foam we have the blade to suit your machine. We can supply blades in a wide variety of lengths, widths and teeth per inch. You can view our blades by length or by machine manufacturer.

Where are the blades at the bandsaw shop made?

All our blades are made in our Leeds factory in the UK, but we ship all over the world. If you have a ny queries, call us on 0113 252 2033 or email [email protected] and we will be happy to help. Covid-19 update: We remain open for business as usual, but you may find delivery takes a little longer than usual.


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