what is the best type of saw and blade to use for cutting onyx wall board

What kind of Saw do you use to cut stone?

Use a circular saw with a diamond blade for cutting stone. You can use a wet circular saw to reduce the amount of dust in the air while you cut. Make sure the depth of the saw’s blade is set to just a bit deeper than the thickness of the stone slab.

What kind of blade is used for dry cutting?

Continuous-rim blades are a type of diamond-edged blade — sometimes called diamond blades — designed for materials, such as tile and slate. Diamonds affixed to the edge of the blade cut through the material. These blades create a very clean finish. Some work in dry-cutting applications only, while others are for wet-cutting applications.

What kind of blade can I use for a circular saw?

Abrasive blades can cut materials like brick and concrete. Some abrasive blades are suitable as a metal-cutting circular saw blade. Like the diamond blades, they don't have teeth. They cut with an abrasive material like aluminum oxide or silicon carbide.

What kind of blade do you use to cut cement?

Fit the jigsaw with a metal-cutting blade or a carbide-grit blade. Cement is a tough material to use a jigsaw to cut through, so you need to use the right blade for the job. Use a metal-cutting blade or a carbide-grit blade to cut through the board.


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