What is tool shop miter saw

Is the miter saw in the tool shop Good?

BTW: For those asking about the quality of these tools - mediocre at best. A $10 sander may be OK, but this saw has had very limited use and the amount of play on the blade shaft makes it impossible to get precise, or even remotely accurate, cuts. And with the flimsiness of the safety guard, the thing is a major disappointment.

What kind of cuts can a miter saw make?

A miter saw can make 90-degree cuts as well as mitered cuts (hence the name). Typically, a chop saw only makes 90-degree cuts. The chop saw is normally used in commercial or industrial applications where the tradesman is making a lot of straight cuts on heavy material (beams, brick or metal pipe).

When was the first hand miter saw made?

The hand saw is one of the oldest tools created by man, the first finds found by archaeologists, date back to pre-dynastic Egypt, or more than 5,000 years ago; it is used for cutting wood and other materials, to divide a piece into smaller parts, according to the desired measurements.

Where to get parts for miter saw in Il?

It is Great Lakes Technologies in IL the number is 888-315-3080. Called gave them part#, Serial# and placed an order for the parts I needed (electric carbon brushes for the motor) within 5 minutes.


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