What is wide kerf table saw blade

What should the width of a kerf saw blade be?

For a full kerf saw blade, a kerf width of around 1/8′ is standard. But for so called “underpowered” saws — under 3 HP for a table saw — a full 1/8′ kerf has another effect: drawing too much power from the tool. If not enough power is delivered to the blade, the saw slows down causing excessive friction.

Where is the scoring blade on a kerf?

A scoring blade is a small blade located in front of the main blade. It cuts a kerf slightly wider than the main blade and is installed so the teeth point backwards and it counter-rotates, or turns the opposite way. It is set very low, just low enough to nick, or score, the bottom surface of the material being cut.

What's the difference between a standard kerf and a thin kerf?

Recently, Forrest sent me a thin kerf version of their workhorse combination blade, the Woodworker II. The standard WWII has 1/8" thick teeth, while the new thin kerf WWII has 3/32" teeth. The result is that a thin kerf blade will give you a 25% narrower kerf than a standard blade.

When to use a thin kerf blade for ripping wood?

When to Use a Thin Kerf Blade Use a thin kerf blade for projects that require a lot of thin-strip ripping. Because thin kerf blades are less wasteful, it leads to greater material and cost savings. You can buy the minimum amount of wood needed for your project and expect it to last.


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