What is wirecutter miter saw

What kind of tool is a miter saw?

A miter saw is a specialized tool that lets you make cuts at a variety of angles. The saw has a blade mounted on a swing arm that pivots left or right to produce angled cuts.

How does laser guide work on compound miter saw?

Sliding and flip fences give added support to taller stock for standard miter cuts. You can then slide or flip them out of the way to make bevel cuts or to support longer work pieces. Laser guides and guide lights project a beam or cast a shadow onto the work piece, helping you accurately guide your cuts.

How do you test a sliding miter saw?

To evaluate the saws, we put them through a series of test cuts ranging from a brutal compound angle on a 2x8 to simple miters on oak casing. We made note of the quality of the cuts and the ease of setup and use. From these tests and based on our experience with each saw, we ranked the saws.

What's the average size of a compound miter saw?

The most common miter saw sizes are 8, 10 and 12 inches. Keep in mind that larger diameter blades can make longer cuts. Positive stops are factory set points that let you quickly make precise cuts on specific angles. More positive stops decrease the time needed to set up cuts. Some saws feature thumb-activated stops for quick adjustments.

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