What is woodslicer bandsaw blade

Can a wood slicer be used as a bandsaw blade?

(Due to the blade's minimal set the Wood Slicer® is not recommended for cutting green wood or curves.) This means you waste about half as much wood as with a regular bandsaw blade, and you demand half as much work from your bandsaw, which gives you less back pressure, faster feed rates, and lower impact on thrust bearings and lateral guides.

Do you have to sharpen the edges of a bandsaw?

When you are sharpening any tool, bandsaw blades, circular blades, even axe blades, it is important to try and maintain the integrity of the blades original edges without changing the angles or geometry.

How big should the blade be on a timber wolf bandsaw?

As with any Timber Wolf blade reduce blade tension about one blade size on the gage. Mine is set at the 1/2" mark rather than the 3/4" mark. Center the blade on the bandsaw tires and the guide bearings on the center of the blade and you should be able to resaw without drift. Complaints have to do with Amazon not the seller.

Why are bandsaw blades dull when cutting wood?

The scourge of any saw blade intended for cutting wood. During the next cut there are no nails encountered, but the cutting rate has slowed somewhat and there’s a little more heat on the finished cut. Bandsaw blades dull.


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