What is worm drive circular saw

What makes a worm drive circular saw different?

The main difference between these models is the place of the motor relative to the blade and the gear. The worm drive circular saw has its motor in the rear of its blade and the rotating power of the motor is transmitted to the blade by a set of gears.

What was the original worm drive saw called?

Because the original worm-drive saw was protected by the invention patent, manufacturers started playing around with what is called an in-line motor. This is where the motor is driven to a spur type gear and then to a driving gear that drives the saw blade. In other words, the motor sits at a right angle to the blade.

What kind of driver does a circular saw use?

In the field of geography, there are many things to do with the circular saw by carpenters. Most of the times carpenters will choose worm drivers to do their circular saw works. Other than worm drivers, the Sidewinders are also taking a remarkable place in circular saw usage.

What kind of blade does a SKILSAW worm drive saw have?

Yeah, everything that is usually chrome or silver is gold-plated on this 50th Anniversary edition. Besides the 77, there were two other Skilsaw worm-drive saws of note: model 367 (later 5825) with a 6-1/2” dia. blade, and the 825 (later 5865) with the 8-1/4” dia. blade.


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