What is worm gear saw

Why do you need a worm drive saw?

In a worm drive saw, the motor transfers the power to the blade through a threaded worm drive down the shaft which turns the pair of gears oriented at 90-degree angle from each other. This causes the saw to spin in reduced rotational speed but with better torque. This torque provides the saw with enough cutting power.

What kind of cutting can a worm saw do?

As Dewalt worm drive saw is designed to treat a variety of materials, it needs to be qualified so. It allows for bevel cuts and depth cuts efficiently. With a capacity of bevel cutting up to 53-degree and 1 7/8-inch depth cut, you can manage the saw for carpentry, concrete shaping and more.

What kind of blade does a SKILSAW worm drive saw have?

Yeah, everything that is usually chrome or silver is gold-plated on this 50th Anniversary edition. Besides the 77, there were two other Skilsaw worm-drive saws of note: model 367 (later 5825) with a 6-1/2” dia. blade, and the 825 (later 5865) with the 8-1/4” dia. blade.

How often should you Lube a worm drive saw?

Don’t forget to lube those worm-drives regularly! This is a must have for any worm drive owner. Most guys don’t think about their gear lube until the saw starts failing. However, I top off my gear lube every 12 months and I’ve had my saw for 30 years.


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