What is worx reciprocating saw

Can you plunge cut with a Worx reciprocating saw?

Yes, in softer materials (like wood), you can plunge cut. How hard is it to change blades on the Cordless Reciprocating Saw? While typical saws require an Allen/hex key to switch blades, the Worx 20V Cordless Reciprocating Saw features a tool-less blade change you can operate with just one finger.

How big is a Worx axis reciprocating jig saw?

The 20V 2-in-1 Axis Reciprocating/Jig Saw from Worx saves you time, money, and its compact design saves you from the ache in your hands and arms that typically come with using saws like these. At only 4.2 lbs, this tool is easy to control, which is essential for the complicated designs you expect to cut with a jigsaw.

Can a reciprocating saw be used to cut wood?

You can cut wood with Reciprocating saws. You can use your Reciprocating saw to cut through any kind of wood, plywood, and melamine board without any problem. In addition to the wooden construction, you can also cut firewood with this fantastic tool. With large, sharp teeth and small wide-mouth, Reciprocating saw blade.

What are the features of a Worx wx550l reciprocating saw?

There are some impressive features and specifications WORX have included on their WX550L model. Let’s have a closer look into them for your convenience. Two of the most important features of a reciprocating saw, the WX550L has a no-load motor which reaches a speed of 3,000 SPM. This is for both the reciprocating and jigsaw mode.


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