What is worx wx429

What kind of wood can a Worx wx429 cut?

The WX429 120mm Compact Circular Saw is the perfect companion for all of your projects. It can cut through wood, metal, plasterboard, and plastics with ease thanks to its high powered motor and multipurpose blade. It can also cut at 45 degrees to make basic joinery as easy as possible.

Is the wx429 worxsaw safe to use?

With the WX429 WORXSAW simply set the depth guide and start your cut exactly where it's needed. It's the safe, stress free way to make accurate cuts. Incredibly lightweight and ergonomically designed with a slim inline grip, so it's easy and comfortable to manoeuvre, but boasts power with its 400W motor.

What do you need to know about worxsaw XL?

Worxsaw XL has a sleek and compact design allowing you to operate with one hand, whilst never being Out of control. worxsaw XL will cut tiles, stone, brick, wood, metal and plasterboard with ease.

What kind of warranty does Worx circular saw have?

That said, I think Worx has an above average warranty. Bottom line: This is great for the homeowner or crafter that occasionally needs a circular saw for a project or fix around the house, not making lots of long accurate cuts.


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