What is zero clearance table saw insert

How do you put a zero clearance insert on a table saw?

Set the bevel angle on the saw blade for the ZCI. Turn on the table saw and slowly raise the blade all the way up. The blade will cut through the insert giving you a slot for just the saw blade. It is now a zero clearance insert for that specific blade and that specific bevel angle.

What is the purpose of a zero clearance insert?

The purpose of a zero clearance insert is to bring the distance between the saw blade and the nearest supporting surface down to zero. As in zero clearance. In other words, there is no gap between the table saw top and the saw blade. The insert is as close as it can to the saw blade without physically touching it.

What is the proper blade insert for a table saw?

When using a table saw, the proper zero-clearance blade inserts should always be used. When using a stacked dado blade, a proper insert should also be used. Without a blade insert, a piece of stock could fall into the saw cabinet and become a projectile.

Can you use zero clearance inserts on plywood?

A zero clearance insert fully supports the wood fibers right at the cut line, which will dramatically improve your cut quality. You can buy insert blanks specifically made for your saw, or you can just make your own from plywood or MDF. The second thing you can do is use a high quality, high tooth count blade.


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