what kind of oil does a craftsman electric chain saw use

What kind of oil does an electric chainsaw use?

But like most of the types of chainsaws, it needs oil too for its bar and chain lubrication. If you have an electric chainsaw, this topic is necessary for your cutting works. Hope you will understand what kind of oil for electric chainsaw you may need if you complete this writing.

When to spray oil on a craftsman chainsaw?

Tips Fill the chain and bar oil reservoir, and the gas tank before each use of a chainsaw. The Craftsman automatic oiler uses slightly less oil than gas, so a small amount of oil remains in the reservoir when the gas tank is empty. The chainsaw should spray a spattering of oil within seconds after starting the engine.

What kind of chainsaw do you get from Craftsman?

The 358 series Craftsman 16-inch 36cc chainsaw is another popular model. Craftsman electric chainsaws are popular with homeowner's trimming trees close to their house.

Why do you need bar oil on a chainsaw?

The reason a special type of chainsaw bar oil exists is that chainsaw chains and bars need a lubricant with certain qualities to keep those parts running smoothly. Since chainsaw chains spin at such high speeds, the bar oil that’s used in these machines must be “sticky” enough to stay on the chain as it spins around the bar.


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