what miter saw use shadow line

How do you get a Shadow Line on a miter saw?

Once the blade guard and plastic piece are removed I take a bit of gaffers tape and tape the LED light to the top of the saw hood. I then move the blade up and down a few time over a sample piece of wood and make sure I'm getting an accurate shadow line. This particular saw uses a 12” blade, so the top of the saw hood is very large.

What kind of cut can a miter saw make?

The miter saw can make different angled cuts. A miter cut is a cut at an angle other than 90 degrees along the length of the width of the workpiece. A bevel cut is a cut at an angle other than 90 degrees along the thickness of the material.

What is the function of a compound miter saw?

If you do, it’ll be easy to guess the function of a compound miter saw. But if not: A compound cut features not only a miter (an angled crosscut), but also a bevel (a sloped cut). So a compound cut is both angled and beveled – which is exactly what a compound miter saw allows you to do.

What are the advantages of a sliding miter saw?

One advantage of 12" sliding miter saws is the increased crosscut capacity they provide, particularly when making vertical cuts with the stock standing up against the fence. I find it the quickest and most accurate way to cut molding. You might not use the extra capacity of a 12" saw every day, but when the time comes, you'll be glad it's there.


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