what oil should use with electric saw chain

Do you need oil for an electric chainsaw?

Well, you do not need oil to run an electric chainsaw. The oil which is used in electric chainsaws is for a completely different purpose. Oil is used as lubricants of the bar and chain of your electric chainsaw.

What can I use for chainsaw bar oil?

Canola oil is also thinner and versatile like chainsaw bar oil. The oil serves as a natural substitute for the chainsaw and bar. Also, canola oil is environment-friendly, so using it as a chain lubricant offers no danger to the environment. Oil misting can happen with chainsaws as they run on high RPMs.

Which is the best lubricant for chain saws?

To achieve this classification, an oil must be nontoxic and must biodegrade rapidly if spilled. Rapeseed-based (usually called canola) oil is currently the most common environmentally compatible chain-and-bar lubricant. Background Vegetable-based oils are triglycerides or natural esters that come from agricultural crops.

When to use SAE oil on a chainsaw?

So to know about these verities you have to read the instructions manual first. Otherwise, there are some standard oils made for chainsaws. You can also use them. They are SAE 30 during summer or SAE 10 during winter season. SAE stands as the short form of Society of Automotive Engineers.


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