what saw should you use to make curved cut

Which is the best saw for cutting curves out of wood?

[Which Saw?] The best saw for cutting curves in wood is either a band saw or a scroll saw. A jigsaw can be used as well but if the curve is gradual, a jigsaw will not cut as smoothly. Although I wouldn’t recommend a rookie try this]

Can a band saw be used to cut curves?

Band saws are okay for cutting curves into wood, especially when they have a thinner blade mounted. However, they're very hazardous if used incorrectly, so always practice safe operating procedures. Learn more about band saw safety here and here.

What's the best way to cut curves with a jigsaw?

To cut out tight turns with a jigsaw, make relief cuts on the waste side of the cutting line. The tighter the curve or the circle, the more relief cuts are needed. You can also use the blade and make small sweeping motions left to right and slowly chip away at the wood too. Both are good tactics to use.

What's the best way to cut with a circular saw?

Cut the angle first with the saw at 90 degrees, and then use the off-cut to support the saw while you cut. If you grab your jigsaw whenever there's a curve to cut, next time try your circular saw instead. It'll do a sterling job for long, gradual curves in a fraction of the time a jigsaw will.


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