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What kind of cuts can you make with a circular saw?

A circular saw is a hand-held tool with a rotating blade used for cutting wood. The common types of cuts we’ll make with our circular saw are rip cuts, crosscuts, and miter cuts. A rip cut is made with the grain of the wood or along the length of the board. A crosscut is made across the grain of the wood or across the width of the board.

What kind of projects can you do with a saw?

You can use it to cut angles for molding around doors & windows, cut small pieces of wood for projects (like the Mason Jar Centerpiece) and so much more. With the right blade you can cut metal, wood, basically anything. There are tons of others out there, but these basic saws can cover 99.9% of all DIY projects you would need to do.

What kind of saw is used for 90 degree cutting?

When there is a need for fine and straight cut consistently, back is too effective for that purpose. Depending on region and design, people also gave its name as miter saws or tenon saws. For 45 degrees and 90 degrees cutting corners, one can use miter saw or back saw.

What kind of tool do you use to cut wood?

Use a mitre saw. This is used for all types of general-purpose joinery, such as chopping skirting planks, dado rails and architraves. It can make virtually any cut when a specific angle is essential, which includes angled and titled cuts.


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