what saw to use to cut a floor pan on a car

What kind of Saw do I need to cut vinyl flooring?

You can make straight cuts with a circular saw, a table saw or a chop saw. A blade with a tooth count of 100 or more is best, and to reduce chipping, its leading edge always should contact the face of the board. When cutting with a circular saw, this means turning the board over and cutting from the back.

What kind of tool do you use to cut laminate flooring?

Jigsaw: This is an essential tool for cutting laminate flooring and is used to make odd-shaped cuts to fit around poles, pipes and other obstacles. It can be used for cutting boards to width, and if you don’t buy a laminate floor cutter, the jigsaw works for cutting boards to length, too.

What kind of Saw do you use to cut planks?

Portable table saws are best for ripping boards. Another “frame-to-finish” tool, a table saw is designed to cut planks down their length, a process called ripping.

Can a circular saw be used to cut laminate flooring?

If you do use a circular saw with a workbench like we looked at above, keep in mind that it will create a lot of dust on the floor and if this dust is on top of the newly installed laminate flooring, it is very slippery and you can easily fall.


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