what si the best blade to use in a torrey saw meat

What kind of saw blade do you use to cut bone?

The professionals usually use two types’ meat band saw blades. The Butcher band saw blade is the first type of meat saw blade, which is mainly used to cut bones and frozen meat. It cuts bone and frozen meat chunks quite easily.

What kind of band saw do you use to cut meat?

The band saws used for cutting meat are capable enough to cut large pieces of meat into smaller pieces. These band saws are widely used in the industries, where employees daily process a bulk quantity of meat and produce meat chunks for packing and selling. The professionals usually use two types’ meat band saw blades.

What kind of saw does backyard pro use?

Please choose your delivery preferences: Prepare meat efficiently and easily with the help of this Backyard Pro BSSW65AL Butcher Series 65" blade countertop vertical band meat saw!

How big of a blade do I need for a meat saw?

We can make a custom made saw blade to fit your meat saw. We need to know the EXACT measurement of the meat saw blade you need from center of hole to center of hole, so in the Quantity area, specify the exact decimal measurement you need. For example, for a 12 1/8" blade, use 12.125 for the Quantity.


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