what size file to use on mod. 50 huskavarner saw

How big of chain file do I need for Husqvarna chainsaw?

5/32" files are used to sharpen 1/4" pitch and 3/8". Low Profile (Picco) chainsaw chain. Husqvarna quality round saw chain files made in Germany. Maintain your chainsaw chain like a pro with these top quality German made files.

What are the specifications for Husqvarna Model 40 chainsaw?

The specifications for this chainsaw have been set at Husqvarna to achieve the maximum performance. You should use these specifications during repair and maintenance to ensure the highest level of performance. The model 40 chainsaw has one piston, which moves up and down inside the cylinder.

What kind of chain saw does Husqvarna use?

HUSQVARNA 359 CHAINSAW 20in. BAR AND CHAIN RUNS GOOD CHAIN BRAKE DOESN'T WORK NEW!!! HUSQVARNA 572XP CHAINSAW WITH A 20 INCH BAR, NEW CHAIN, AND 2 NEW FILES!! Husqvarna Gas Pole Saw - 25.4cc, 12in. Bar, Model# 525P4S Husqvarna 262xp PORTED AND POLISHED Chain Saw FAST SHIPPING!! Husqvarna 120I 36.5V Max Cordless Li-Ion 14in. Chainsaw

Where can I find the Husqvarna 51 workshop manual?

A chainsaw search (magnifier icon) at top of this page, as well as a 51 chainsaw repair help question and answer page HERE. Introduction, Specifications, Troubleshooting, Attachments, Air Filter, Carburetor, Crankcase, Clutch, Engine, Ignition, Starter, Servicing, Controls, Fuel System, Electrics, Special Tools.


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