what size saw blade should i use for jewelry

How big of a blade do you need for a jeweler's saw?

The size of your jeweler’s saw blade depends on the thickness of the metal, and there are usually about four or fives sizes that would be appropriate for the task. The one you choose depends partly on what you have on hand and/or what size line you want to cut. Think of cutting wood.

How to use a jewelry saw to cut wood?

HOW TO USE a JEWELRY SAW. 1 Step 1: WHAT YOU NEED. You need: -a jewelry saw blade, -blades, wax, -a piece of wood (cut as in the photo), 2 Step 2: CHOOSE THE BLADE. 3 Step 3: BLADE DIRECTION. 4 Step 4: PLACE THE BLADE. 5 Step 5: THE OTHER EDGE OF THE BLADE. More items

How do you choose the best saw blade?

Choose the blade that best suits the thickness of the material being cut (or sawn). The ideal ratio is 3 teeth on the materials at any time. Use a B and S gauge to determine the thickness if unknown.

What are the parts of a jewelers saw?

It consists of two parts besides the frame itself: a finger screw and a small piece of metal to clamp over the blade. The way it works is you slide the flat end of the saw blade in between the frame and the flat piece of metal. You then tighten the finger screw until the blade is secured and can’t slip out.


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