what species of saw palmetto to use for prostate

How saw palmetto can help you keep a healthy prostate?

Saw palmetto's primary therapeutic action is to inhibit the conversion of testosterone to DHT in the prostate, as well as the binding and transport of DHT. Saw palmetto also contains the antioxidants epicatechin and methyl gallate-compounds that prevent damage to cells, decrease inflammation, and protect against chronic disease.

How effective is saw palmetto for enlarged prostate?

Studies on herbal therapies as a treatment for enlarged prostate have had mixed results. One study found that saw palmetto extract was as effective as finasteride in relieving symptoms of BPH, although prostate volumes weren't reduced. But a subsequent placebo-controlled trial found no evidence that saw palmetto is better than a placebo.

How can saw palmetto help with prostate problems?

Saw palmetto has become a common herbal treatment for benign prostatic hypertrophy or enlarged prostate by relieving the main symptom of frequent urination.

Does saw palmetto work for prostate health?

Saw palmetto is one of the most common herbal remedies used in the treatment of benign prostate hyperplasia and for improving prostate health in general. It has also been well-studied for this use.


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