what to use reciprocating saw for

What can you cut with a reciprocating saw?

Cutting Through Different Materials When cutting with a reciprocating saw, anything goes, especially since its area of use is so flexible. You can cut almost any material, like wood, PVC, or even metals.

What kind of saw is used to cut wood?

It typically comes with a 12-inch blade and is used for cutting wood or pipes in tight areas. The plumbing & HVAC reciprocating saw and the compact reciprocating saw are also popular types of reciprocating saw typically designed for small tasks and tight spaces. Important Parts of a reciprocating saw

Why is a reciprocating saw called a Sawzall?

Pressing the trigger moves the saw blade up and down (the reason it is called a reciprocating saw) to quickly cut through materials. Reciprocating saws are powerful, and able to cut through tough materials like hardwood, masonry, fiberglass, drywall, metals, ceramics, and much more. A Sawzall (Reciprocating Saw) blade cutting through the wood.

Which is better a jig saw or a reciprocating saw?

The reciprocating saw is very easy to maneuver through cuts. When trying to cut shapes in wood, the best tool for the job is definitely a jig saw. However, you can also do that with a reciprocating saw due to the tiny blade it uses. Though you shouldn’t expect the same accuracy as the jigsaw.


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