what to use to clean table saw blades

How to clean a table saw blade with water?

Here is a quick run-down: 1 Choose the cleaning agent. 2 Mix with water to make the cleaning solution. 3 Remove the blade from the saw. 4 Soak it in the solution. 5 Use a soft brush and scrub. 6 Rinse with clean water. 7 Dry it completely. 8 Re-install the blade.

How to make a Super cleaning table saw?

1. Detach the Blade from the Saw To make a super cleaning, you need to remove this sharp object from the table saw. Make sure, there is no electric connection with the saw while you are doing so. Then take an aluminum pan and put the blade in it. Hence, make it sink in to the water of the pan.

What kind of cleaner to use on circular saw blades?

One common household cleaner that works on saw blades is Simple Green (which also cleans just about everything else around the house). Simple Green is a concentrated, all-purpose cleaner/degreaser that can be found in grocery stores and hardware stores everywhere.

What should I use to clean my miter saw blades?

Using any kind of metal scraper, file or steel bristled brush is not a good idea. If scrubbing or scraping during cleaning is necessary, use plastic, non-marring implements. Taking a chance with your safety is simply not worth it. Blades for table, radial arm and miter saws represent a sizeable expense in the hobbyist woodworking shop.


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