what tooth should i use for a circular saw

What should the teeth be on a circular saw blade?

Although it is not normally labeled on the blade’s packaging, it’s an important factor for selecting a blade to go with a material. The blade with more teeth per inch of the circumference of the saw blade is good for thicker materials, while the one with fewer number of teeth is recommended for thinner ones.

What kind of circular saw do you need?

What Circular Saw Blade Do You Need. One type of circular-saw blade is the carbide-tipped blade, which has a reasonable price and is much more durable than a high-speed steel blade.

What's the cutting depth of a circular saw?

And this table shows you the maximum RPM capacity for each circular saw blade: The blade diameter determines the depth of the cut. The most common blade diameters in the market are the 7-1/4 inch blade that will give you a cutting depth of 2-1/2 inch and the 8-1/4 inch blade that will give you a cutting depth of 3 inches.

How many teeth are in a hollow ground saw?

Hollow ground or plywood saw blades have approximately the same number of teeth, but beware; properties of these blades are significantly different from those considered as combination/multipurpose blades. Combination blades fall in between these two numbers, ranging from 40 to 80 teeth.


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