what type band saw blade should i use to cut aluminum pipe

What kind of blade do I need for a band saw?

I recently purchased a potable band saw and a pack of 14/18 TPI Bimetal blades for metal cutting since most of my applications would be thin metal cutting, < 1/8" steel or up to 1/2" aluminum; occasionally I may cut aluminum up to 1 1/2".

What kind of Saw do I need to cut aluminum?

Types Of Circular Saw Blades For Cutting Aluminum. There are two main types: Metal Cutting Blade – This type of blade has smaller teeth separated by sturdy slots. This design helps in cutting metal pipes and sheets. You can’t cut through thick blocks of metal with this one, however; it is ideal for thinner sheets up to 11 gauge.

Where are the blade speeds and cutting rates on a band saw?

Beneath tooth pitch, the chart lists the blade speed and cutting rate for each type of material size. Each column of blade speeds and cutting rates is arranged by row according to material type. Each category of material has its different varieties listed beneath it.

Which is the best saw blade for metal cutting?

Q1001 Carbide, Foundry Band Saw Blade Extremely wear-resistant, this blade can handle metals and composites. Q601 M42 Bimetal Bandsaw Blade Go-to Bi-metal saw blade for cutting tool, die and mold steel. Q1002 Carbide, Triple Chip Band Saw Blade Handles high-nickel alloys with ease. Q301 Portaband Saw Blades


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