what type of saw blade to use for vinyl flooring

What kind of saw should I use to cut vinyl flooring?

Well, multiple saw blade types are best to use for cutting vinyl plant flooring for a 4 ½ inches blade /2 inches. Most of the time, professionals like to use circular saw blades for this purpose. This is because the sharpness, material, and number of teeth on the blade are ideal for this purpose. You can try a few when you visit the market nearby.

What's the best saw blade for laminate flooring?

The right saw blade for cutting laminate flooring like Pergo is not the one that came on your saw, or any other miter or table saw that’s sold. One common misconception is that an original equipment blade is good for just about anything. Another is that laminate flooring is wood: it’s not.

What kind of blade do you need for a vinyl cutter?

Vinyl cutters come with a 45° blade, but not all heat transfer vinyl can handle that type of blade best. Different blade types may be required to cut through the material thickness or to achieve better results when cutting a detailed graphic. Some blades are sharpened and chiseled a special way for better cutting results.

What kind of material can you cut with a saw blade?

Faster & cleaner cuts! Specifically designed for contractors. This saw blade cuts aluminum, Aluminum Composite Materials (ACM), brass, copper, ALPOLIC Copper Composite Material (CCM) & all other non-ferrous metals, laminate flooring, plastics and pvc.


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