what type oil use circular saw blade

Can you use a standard circular saw blade?

It is possible to use a standard framing type of blade to cut these types of materials but it would produce much more dust and last a fraction of the time that a blade specifically designed to cut that type of material would. Different Metal Cutting Blades:

What kind of motor does a circular saw use?

The sidewinder circular saw uses a motor technically called “a spur gear” meaning that the motor is inline with the blade as you see in the picture, this delivers very strong power to the blade up to 6000 RPM. Also the sidewinder circular saw has its blade on the right side.

Which is the best circular saw for cutting plastic?

The concord blade is designed to perform all types of cutting work while being accurate. Another advantage is that blade comes in a low price, so it will win tha battle of price with the other blades.

Do you need to oil a circular saw?

If you hate oiling up circular saws, look into getting a sidewinder. It doesn’t require oil at all because it has a closed-off motor. With the motor on the left, the heaviest part of the saw balances on the workbench side of your project.


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