what type tile do you use with a wet saw

What kind of tile can you cut with a wet saw?

Wet saw usually can cut all kind of tiles including ceramic, stone, vitrified, porcelain, travertine and even glass. Some types of tiles may get chipped at the ends. You can apply a gentle pressure to the sides when the tile saw blade is working its way through the last inches.

What should the operating conditions be for a wet tile saw?

Optimal wet tile saw operating conditions are: To maintain those conditions, make sure the water is always flowing by checking the tap located on the wet tile saw. Always bring the blade up to full speed before you push the tile or stone into the blade.

Do you have to use water with a tile saw?

The water should only be free flowing near and around the end of the cutting blade. After making sure that it is not splashing out, make sure that your hands are dry before using the wet saw. The water keeps the tile and the blade cool and prevents the chirped particles movement in the air.

Which is the best tool to cut tile?

The best power tool available for cutting tiles is a wet tile saw. It’s blade is mounted into the water and they give the most precise cuts even in the large projects. Even a beginner can make perfect cuts with a very little effort.


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