what use is a bear saw

Where can I find a bear safety training program?

Bear Safety Training Program Resources The BCFSC provides tools, training and advice on how to develop, improve and assess your safety management system. For more information visit our website at www.bcforestsafe.org or call 1-877-741-1060. How to use this tool

What kind of blade does a bear saw have?

Four easily interchangeable blade styles match any task, from rough cuts to fine woodworking; any blade can be used with either style handle. This model has a double edged blade style. The blade locks securely in the handle, yet the saw can be quickly disassembled for convenient toolbox storage.

What kind of bear training is Bear Scare?

BEAR sCARE is an Alberta-based company that specializes in training people in the use of non-lethal methods to prevent human-bear conflicts. Courses vary from bear aversion training (both classroom and field training) for law enforcement officers and wildlife managers to bear safety training for working or recreating in bear country.

What do you use a Vaughan Bear saw for?

BS333C can be used for framing and treated lumber, laminates, logs & timbers. BS150C Vaughan Bear Saws cut on the pull rather than on the push stroke. Blade Thickness = .035" Kerf = 1.30" Overall saw length = 12-1/2" MADE IN JAPAN. 250RBH 10" Vaughan Bear Saw Blades are made to cut on the pull rather than on the push stoke.


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