when to use a band saw vs cold saw

What's the difference between a band saw and a cold saw?

Another crucial difference between the two is that band saw blades are disposable, and cannot be sharpened after they become dull. When a band saw blade has reached the end of its life, it should be discarded and replaced. Once a cold saw blade becomes dull, however, it can be sharpened.

What kind of cuts can a band saw make?

It allows for curved-shaped cuts as well as straight and angular cuts. You can use band saws as versatile cutting power tools to saw intricate cuts in a range of material types. The blade of a band saw gives it immense flexibility as it evenly distributes the cutting edge along your wood, plastic, or metal piece to create uniform cutting.

Why do metal fabricators use a cold saw?

Cold saws have been used more by metal fabricators in the past 10 years, due to increased accuracy and cut quality. Cold saw blades are reusable and can be sharpened up to 30 or 40 times before the blade becomes too small to cut through the maximum-diameter material.

Why do you need a guide on a band saw?

You need to position the upper guide vertically at the correct position relative to the material that you’re cutting. The idea is to get the guide assembly as close to the wood as you can without interfering with the cut. This helps the cut because it restricts the band saw blade from deflecting to the left or to the right too much.


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