which laser guide to use with dw713 saw

What are the positive stops on the dw713 saw?

With 11 positive stops for miter angles and 0° and 45° common bevel angles, the DW713 feels intuitive to your needs. A cam lock miter handle affords the user quick and simple positioning, while a miter detent override system allows for fine adjustment without the risk of the saw slipping into fixed detents.

Is the DeWalt dw713 miter saw good?

This particular miter saw is on the verge of an exception to this rule. This unit is priced right pretty good for the brand name and build quality. Keep reading this Dewalt Dw713 review to find out exactly why this awesome tool should make it into your shop today.

Which is the best laser guide for a miter saw?

For my money, the Festool Kapex KS 120 has one of the most effective laser guide systems that I’ve come across on a miter saw, and I’ve seen a lot of them, so you might just want to keep that one in the back of your mind as you look at different saws.

Is there a laser attachment on a DeWalt saw?

If you like the idea of a cut line laser to help line up your cut and keep you more accurate, then there’s a laser attachment that Dewalt makes that will fit on this saw. It’s the DW7187, it does not come with the saw, but you can buy it from Amazon while purchasing the saw as an add-on item.


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