which saw do i use for dovetail joints

When to use a dovetail saw to cut wood?

The craftsmanship of a tight-fitting dovetail joint is the personal signature of the woodworker’s skill. Using a dovetail saw enables accuracy and precision when the cut has to be smooth and exactly right- without restricting it to joint work alone. What Are Dovetail Saws Used For?

Can a table saw jig be used for a dovetail joint?

Dovetail joints, however, take more skill, higher cost jigs and a decent router to produce a joint. Chances are you’ve seen wood drawers made from table saw jigs that produce a dovetail-like joint. And, without investing in a router and dovetail jig it’s possible to use your table saw and a proper jig setup to produce box joints.

Can a tenon saw be used as a dovetail saw?

Tenon Cuts: The dovetail is perfect for most types of joint work-not just dovetail joints. There are many tenon saws available, however, most don't appear in the everyday toolkit. A dovetail will do the same job; it is a smaller version of the tenon saw, which makes it a good and obvious alternative for this project.

How do you make a sliding dovetail joint?

And the exposed dovetail provides a visible signature of your craftsmanship. To make this joint, you'll rout the dovetail slot first, then cut and size the dovetail to fit. For the slot you'll need a handheld router and the dado jig shown below.


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