which somax saw set to use

What kind of alloy is Somax saw set made out of?

A Japanese company,Somax, started making them from metal again, but lighter weight alloy. Somax saw sets mirror the UK Eclipse models exactly and are nicely made too. Just in case you want to purchase a set.

Which is better plunger 42 or Somax 42?

The Somax's plunger is not as strong a grip as the 42, but it does help. On small joinery saws with less than about 1/2" usable depth below the handle, its design has a portion of the set which rides on the cheek of the saw, limiting the ability to set those teeth. But one can set those teeth with a 16d nail and a block of hardwood.

How are Somax sensors used in the workplace?

SOMAX internet-enabled sensors can be placed virtually anywhere. You can see how a sensor placed on a machine in a manufacturing facility is constantly monitoring the temperature of the motor while in use. Make food safety and sanitation easier than ever with impeccable record keeping and mobility.

How long does it take to set up Somax?

Just take your mobile device out into your store rooms, bring up the correct part by location, and enter the physical count, then move on. This process used to takes weeks, now it can be done over the course of a day or two. To learn more visit www.somax.com.


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