you tube how to use a hole saw

What do you need for a hole saw?

These include a hole saw bit, a standard wood drill bit, a pencil, a compatible drill (portable or stationary), and eye protection. With these in hand, you should start by making a mark at the center of your intended hole.

How does a hole saw work with a drill?

The arbor provides the base to the hole saw and fits directly into the drill which grips it. In addition to an arbor many hole saws have drill bits already attached. When drilling holes in materials it is important that you have a good quality drill that can complete the jobs you need.

What happens when you use a hole saw to cut wood?

Keep your hole saws clean: When a hole saw is used to cut studs in certain types of wood, they can accumulate resin. This resin can create friction, which in turn decreases the efficiency of a cut and can cause the bit itself to wear down quicker.

How to avoid blow out with hole saw?

Here are two ways to avoid blow out: Clamp a scrap board to the back of the workpiece and drill into that; drill halfway through from one side and then finish the hole by drilling through from the opposite side. Hole saws are equally adept at drilling through metal as they are at boring through wood.


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