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Which is the best way to use a circular saw?

Circular saws make it possible to achieve clean, precise cuts through a variety of materials. It’s as simple setting your saw blade to the appropriate depth and angle, lining it up with your material, and guiding it smoothly over your pre-drawn measurement lines.

When to use 45 degree angle on circular saw?

It corresponds to the position of the blade when it's set to 90 degrees, and should be used any time you’re making a normal cut. The line labelled "45" on the righthand side of the notch is for making beveled cuts at a precise 45-degree angle. Activate the saw blade by pulling the trigger on the rear handle.

When do I Turn my saw 90 degrees?

When sawing higher grade logs, I turn 90 degrees to get more high grade lumber. Remember that 180 degrees from the first to second face is used only when you can do it safely. For larger logs, you may need to go 90 degrees on some mills to assure log stability (and safety).

How many revolutions per minute does a circular saw do?

When you hold a circular saw and press the trigger, a powerful motor spins a carbide-toothed blade at thousands of revolutions per minute (typically 2,000 to 5,000 RPM), and the tool immediately becomes capable of slicing through pretty much anything except thick steel or concrete.


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